Thursday, January 21, 2010

During my daily adventures of selling coffee, I come home with some pretty interesting stories, and some food that is fantastical. As I spin my yarns of coffee and these little Oklahoma nooks to my friends- the inevitable questions are; do you have a picture (as in, I need proof, I don't believe you, there's no way you had fried bacon for lunch today), where is this place, and how quickly can I get there.

So I find it only fitting for the first post of the Okie Coffee Charm blog to be the inspiration....the Hummingbird Cake at Ann's Country Kitchen in Elgin. Think moist banana nut bread, slathered in cream cheese icing, that I would swear is a mixture of cream cheese, sugar, sunshine, and rainbows. Speaking of sunshine, if you get to make a trip out to see sweet little Ann (yes, there really is an Ann, she's not a fictional marketing ploy), give her a big hug and tell her Henderson Coffee sent you!

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